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 Ohio State University (2013 - August 2017)

 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 4.0/4.0

Illinois Institute of Technology (2010-2013)

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, GPA:3.80/4.0

Middle East Technical University (2004-2010)

B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering  GPA: 3.56/4.0

B.Sc. in Computer Science           GPA: 3.15/4.0


DAS 2D (Webpage)

I am the only developer of DAS 2D, an open-source early design tool for compliant mechanisms. I developed DAS 2D in Java and MATLAB (more than 100k of loc) in strictly object oriented fashion. The software have reached users in more than 30 institutions in more than 20 countries. Some of the highlights of the software are:

• We developed beam models with fewer optimized parameters than the traditional beam models
• Analysis with the optimized beam models is ~10 times faster than the commercial products like Abaqus and ANSYS while maintaining 99 percent accuracy
• We implemented the line search the and the trust-region-dogleg algorithm for solving nonlinear equations and unconstrained and constrained optimization in pure Java
• We created a straightforward but powerful graphical user interface for research and classroom use
• We published 7 papers in major journals and conferences


We developed a simple and light  Java library based on the Trust-Region Dogleg algorithm. The library has two components:

  • Nonlinear equation solver
  • Unconstrained optimization

GitHub page will be available soon. 

Geometric Modeling

I developed an instructional geometric modeling tool in JavaFX.  The software has following capabilities:

  • Create Bezier and B-Spline curves and surfaces
  • Doo-Sabin, Catmull-Clark and Loop subdivision surfaces
  • Curve Reconstruction
  • Generate Voronoi diagram and Delaunay triangulation

GitHub page will be available soon. 


This program with a simple GUI solves the exact Euler–Bernoulli beam equation numerically as a boundary value problem. The analysis takes approximately 30 ms in a standard laptop computer.

Intermediate GUI Tutorial (Webpage)

This package is a graphical user interface tutorial demonstrating intermediate capabilities of MATLAB. It can be used as an initial template to build professional, fully interactive user interfaces.

Turkkan - Vural Material Model (Webpage)

We investigated the superior ballistic properties of Al2139-T6 aluminum alloy. We conducted many experiments in quasi-static region and high strain rate region via Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar. Using the data, we developed a semi-empirical constitutive  material model.


Part Time Computer Engineer - Turkish Aerospace Industries

  • Worked in building a flight management system for C-130 Aircrafts
  • Converted flight manuals and charts to Java subroutines

Part Time Web Developer - E-Kalite, Turkey

  • Worked as  a backend developer to create a web page for an international knowledge management company (PharmaCircle).


Turkish Student Association of Ohio State University

  • Public Relations (2014 - 2015)

IIT Turkish Student Association 

  • Vice President (2010- 2013)


Illinois Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department

  • Teaching Assistant of "Mechanics of Solids I"       Fall 2010
  • Teaching Assistant of "Mechanics of Solids II"      Spring 2011